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Movado Watch advertisement

Have you ever noticed that Online Replica Movado Watches Store advertisements always seem to show the hands at 10:10–that is one hand at the 10 position and the other at the 2 position? An old myth says that this is in honor of the time of day when President Lincoln was assassinated (but he was actually shot at 10:15 pm). The real reasons are readily understandable. Consider the following:

  • this is the perfect position to frame a company’s logo
  • it creates the appearance that the Fake Movado watch online is “smiling” (emotional marketing)
  • aesthetically it’s the best place for the hands to reveal the face
  • it keeps the hands clear of signatures, subsidiary dials, and date windows
  • it’s been the industry marketing standard since Replica Movado watches went mainstream in the 1920s