Choose The Awesome Fake Urwerk Emc Time Hunter X-ray Watch with Skeleton Dial

It may be called “TimeHunter” but it has a deeper meaning; this Urwerk Emc Time Hunter X-ray replica watch isn’t about capturing time but rather taming it to make it more efficient.

The urwerk emc time hunter x-ray under x-rays

 The idea is fitting a mechanical watch with an electronic module to assess chronometric performance. Basically, the module is fuelled by manual winding and uses symbols tracked by a green or red hand and LED light to display the watch’s accuracy and amplitude. It isn’t said enough but movements are regularly affected by the different ways the wearer uses the watch during the day (hobbies, downtime, sport) and changes in temperature (cold, dry, warm, damp, hot) especially if they happen suddenly. Mens Fake Urwerk watch has made its mark on the watchmaking scene since launching in 1997 and unveiled a new concept called EMC TimeHunter in 2013.

The caseback of the urwerk emc time hunter x-ray

The different functions and 80-hour power reserve are fuelled by the in-house manual wind UR-EMC2 calibre fitted with a double barrel. The chunky black-PVD coated titanium and steel case is 43mm wide, 51mm long and 15.8mm thick.

The performance indicator lies in a red counter at 11 on the new copy Urwerk EMC TimeHunter X-Ray’s openwork dial. The bright colour stands out from the other displays. The hours and minutes are slightly off-centre to the left, the seconds tick by at 2 and the power reserve indicator stands at 7.