Swiss-made Chopard L.U.C. copy watch for sale

Ressence Type 3

As always, there’s hundreds of launches at the world’s biggest and most important watch fair. But there’s only a handful that have caught our eye so far in the run up to Baselworld 2013. Here’s our picks for the four most innovative.

1. Ressence Type 3
The Ressence Type 3 (above and below) is a work of art. It features an affinity pool-style design with florescent indicators that “flow” over the dial. There is no crown. The titanium dial is housed in hydrocarbon-infused liquid and covered by anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

Ressence Type 3

2. Chopard L.U.C. Engine One H
The Chopard L.U.C. copy watch features an in-house tourbillon movement with is COSC-chronometer certified, and is protected by a double AR-coated sapphire crystals and a titanium case.

High quality Chopard replica watch ‘s passion for cars comes through as the power reserve is set off in the left dial like a fuel gauge. The small seconds hand in the right dial is meant to be evocative of a speedometer.

Chopard L.U.C. Engine One H

3. Breva’s Génie 01
The Génie 01 uses an anaerobic barometer to predict weather (see top-right dial). This is the first instance of a barometer being powered by a mechanical movement. There’s also an altimeter and power reserve indicator. The Best fake Chopard watch case is made of 18K gold.

Breva’s Génie 01

4. HYT H2
The bespoke brand unveiled its first watch, and the first to use liquid for time display, at Baselworld in 2012. Now they are back with even more impressive innovations. Hydromechanics now power both the hour hand and minute hands, and there’s a fluid temperature indicator that runs around the bezel. The movement is housed in a black DLC-coated titanium case.