Spotted on The World’s Ugliest Swiss Rolex ReplicaWatch

Rolex_leopard_1 We’ve all seen garish, bling-bling Rolex Daytona Replica watches before but have you ever seen one offered by the world’s most famous watchmaker?

The custom leopard print and jeweled Rolex Cosmograph Daytona copy watch can be purchased on, of all places, for the princely sum of $51,000.

And if you miss out on this opportunity, have no fear: there are more out there. Just do a Google search for “rolex leopard” and you’ll see a few pop up. Apparently there’s actually a market for this so-called timepiece.

The “special edition” Rolex includes 56 diamonds, 36 sapphires, an 18K gold case, and a hideous leopard-print dial.

File this one under “what in the world were they thinking?”