Breitling is not only a maker of Swiss luxury Breitling Emergency II replica watches but also supplies military personnel and active people professional tool type watches.

Their renowned original Emergency watch contained an antenna that would transmit on on the 121.5 MHz air distress frequency channel with a range of about 100 miles, since this frequency is monitored by search and rescue authorities activating the transmitter had to be done only in strictly emergency rescue situations only.

Breitling Emergency II replica watch

Breitling Emergency II replica watch

This is an updated version of their original Breitling Emergency watch released in 1995 and features a number of improvements taking the miniaturization of emergency beacon technology to another level with a dual-channel emergency satellite transmitter. This is a serious instrument for the active professional, for instance it was necessary for customers of the previous version to sign an agreement stipulating that they would pay for all the expenses of a rescue operation should the distress beacon be launched. So for 2013 they have released a Swiss-made fake Breitling Emergency II watch for people who run the risk of being stranded in the middle of nowhere far from an emergency beacon Breitling brings you one to strap to your wrist, the Breitling Emergency II.

Because the Emergency II works on two different frequencies it creates increased demands on power consumption and means the battery’s power demands range from 30 to 300 mW which required the implementation of a battery dedicated to just powering the transmitters as well as a regular silver oxide battery for the watch’s movement. The entire point of a watch like the Emergency II is to be reliable and since its of critical importance that the watch provides enough power for the beacon it comes with not only its own charger but also a tester to check it with.

The new version not only adds new features but also removes what were considered weaknesses of the original. For instance not only did the original not have enough power to transmit to satellites but its 100 mile range assumed normal conditions- flat terrains and calm seas- anything other than these conditions and its range was significantly less. So with this new edition Breitling have tried to create a next-generation version.

From the general attitude of the Emergency II its apparent this is a serious instrument for active professionals who find themselves stranded in high-risk situations, not a plaything or gimmicky luxury sport Breitling replica watch.