Every day, we face some sort of menace, and no commute, conference or conversation is free from danger. Granted, the Breitling Professional Emergency timepiece won’t alleviate these concerns in the slightest – but it can get you out of all sorts of scrapes.

Designed for the modern day adventurer, the Emergency has all sorts of features to facilitate an escape from an uncharted Peruvian tomb or collapsing ice cavern (happens to me all the time). Chiefly, the Emergency II involves an intricate process of miniaturisation that allows for an in-built frequency distress beacon – meaning you can be located anywhere in the world. Pretty handy at 4am on a Friday night when you don’t even know your own name.


The 51mm case width may lead some to believe that the Emergency series are a cumbersome option but they’re a surprisingly comfortable choice coming in at a lightweight 140 grams. A titanium shell offers ultimate durability whilst sapphire crystal glass, 50 metre water resistance and charging port inclusion make the Emergency a stalwart choice.

The intrepid list of feature upon feature doesn’t end there, however. This Breitling Professional Aerospace Replica Watch can operate in a temperature canyon from -20 degrees Celsius right up to +55 degrees Celsius. Again, perfect for all those bouts of ice rock climbing and volcano abseiling on the way to the office.

Breitling set out to re-define the nature of an adventurer’s best fake Breitling Aerospace Evo watch by ramping up technical accuracy and proficiency to the next level. Needless to say, they’ve more than achieved such aims. The beacon system in particular boasts a highly advanced system that transmits a first digital signal on the 406 MHz frequency intended for satellites and lasting 0.44 seconds every 50 seconds. A second analog signal on the 121.5 MHz homing and rescue frequency lasts 0.75 seconds every 2.25 seconds. Pretty impressive, no?


The next time you’re selecting a timepiece for off the beaten track, do consider the Breitling Aerospace Evo replica watch– healthy and safety in a sterling form.