Porsche Design by Eterna

Swiss Porsche Design Replica Watches and Eterna are breaking up. The two venerable brands have enjoyed commercial success with through a licensing agreement that say Eterna design, develop, and manufacture popular, high-quality best fake Porsche Design Watches.But it’s safe to say that Eterna appears to be the jilted partner in this break-up.

“We truly valued our partnership with Cheap Porsche Design Replica Watches for Men manufacturer Eterna. The combination of traditional craftsmanship with our design expertise worked perfectly with great success,” says Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group.

Porsche wants to go upscale as a pure luxury brand and felt they needed to realign away from Eterna to make this possible.

The two companies say they will continue to collaborate but what that really means is anyone’s guess.