Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Watch Replica

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Recently we asked the question, “How much would you spend on a new best fake Patek Philippe watch?” Just 21 percent said $3,000 or more.

Something tells us that even those with an appetite for a more expensive Top Quality Patek Philippe replica watch probably don’t have the stomach for a Patek Philippe that went for $312,000 (US) at a Sotheby’s watch auction held in Hong Kong on October 6th.

The piece in question is a platinum 5078P model (photo to left) with a unique minute-repeating function that calls out the passage of 60 seconds with a distinct note.

Surprisingly $312,000 represents a bargain compared to what it is sold for online. Prices range from $339,000 to $399,000.

But even these prices pale in comparison to the replica Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Mens Wristwatch Model 5002P (pictured above), which sells for $1.5 MM at Gemnation.