Mondaine Makes Splash at Baselworld with Helvetica Watch Family

Mondaine Helvetica Watch Family No.1Mondaine Helvetica Watch Family No.1

Swiss watchmaker high quality Replica Mondaine Watch is best known for its iconic clocks which can be seen at train stations all over Europe. But today they made a splash at Baselworld with the introduction of their new collection, the best fake Mondaine Helvetica Watch Family No.1.

The new line is inspired by the world’s most famous typeface, Helvetica, which is revered for its simplicity and timeless elegance. Mondaine’s new line will come in 15 different flavors and feature a wide variety of different finishes. There will also be at least five different case sizes for women and men with the largest being 43 mm in diameter.

The Top Quality Mondaine watches replica will hit retail shelves in September 2014 but we like what we see so far. Do you?

Mondaine Helvetica Watch Family No.1 - White