Kairos Claims to Be ‘World’s First and Only Mechanical Smart Watch Hybrid’

At first glance, the Buy Hublot Replica Online looks like a high-end Swiss watch with mechanical under-pinnings. But look a little closer and you see it’s a bit of a mirage. Featuring a 1.1mm thin TOLED (Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, the 316L stainless steel 46mm dial turns 60 percent opaque to display inbound texts, tweets, and messages. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal.

There’ll also be a SDK so that developers can develop apps for the watch. The watch runs for as long as a week and recharges easily via USB.

The watch is concept only at this stage but it certainly looks promising if claims are to believed, especially compared to the clunky and relatively unattractive smartwatches that are on the market today.

Kairos Watch founder Sam Yang, a South Korean entrepreneur, describes his product as a “High Quality Replica Hublot smart watch” but that seems a stretch if you opt for either the Japanese sourced Miyota or Swiss Soprod movements. Still, it’s an undeniably cool looking AAA+ Hublot Big Bang Replica Watches and at a very reasonable price.

The Kairo is available for pre-order now until July 1st starting at $499 USD.