IWC IW504207 Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère Replica Watch

A few months ago we posted tongue-and-cheek about the Swiss made Zenith replica watch Men’s 96.0529.4035/51.M Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch, which can be purchased for “just” $86,999.99, on the world’s leading e-commerce site. It turns out there is a new top watch in town: IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère replica Watch can be had for $88,800 on


The limited edition timepiece features an 18k white gold case, skeletonized tourbillon, rotor with 18 carot yellow gold medallion, convex sapphire glass and sapphire glass back, and 7-day power reserve.

As with the high quality Zenith copy watch, several laugh-out-loud reviews accompany the watch. Here’s a sample of one writing under the name of Dorian Edwards:

Initially I hesitated because the price was far too low and I had deep misgivings concerning the workmanship of this timepiece. But upon purchasing it I found it to be quite remarkable in every way. Not only are souls of deceased popes, prophets and kings embedded into this watch but it constantly maintains simultaneous two-way connections to Buddah, Jesus, the Prophet Mohammed, and Moses. It makes intergalactic travel a breeze and it definitely holds up to the wears and tears of traveling light-speed between uncharted quasars.

Editor’s tip: if you really love this watch, it can be found elsewhere for less than Amazon.