The impressive 48mm case of the IWC Big Pilot TOP GUN Perpetual Calendar replica watch is jet black thanks to its use of black zirconium oxide. The dial is a matching black with bold white numerals and hands for easy reading, as is traditional for oversized pilot watches. The titanium crown and pushers complete the impeccable fit and finish of this menacing design.

IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar TOP GUN replica watch

IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar TOP GUN replica watch

The perpetual calendar displays are built into the 4 sub dials, with the double moon phase display taking center stage at 12 o’clock. The dual apertures represent both Southern and Northern hemispheres. The day, date, and month are marked with red-tipped hands in their respective sub dials, with the year display inserted at 7:30 on the dial.Packed inside this iconic IWC Big Pilot is their renowned Perpetual calendar system, and thanks to the bold form of the watch, its usefulness has never been more apparent. Best of all, this watch looks the business. As in, Darth Vader meets Batman levels of business.

The perpetual calendar complication comes courtesy of the IWC-manufactured Caliber 51614. Not only does it provide one of the most easily understandable layouts of the complication, but its moon phase deviates by just 0.002 per cent, or 1 day, in 122 years.

Many pilot style watches are content with simplicity and only the most basic of complications, but the unique fake IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar TOP GUN manages stunning complexity while retaining the charm of a traditional pilot’s watch.

Overall the IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar TOP GUN is instantly recognizable as a member of the Big Pilot family, all while adding practical complexity to the equation. The sum is a beautiful tactical IWC copy watch that provides equal parts form and function.