Rolex cyclops

Many watch aficionados think that the appearance of Rolex Replica watch dial can be enhanced with the removal of the cyclops aperture. It is, in fact, possible to remove a cyclops magnifier with a butane torch and razor blade in less than 10 seconds. The video below walks you through step-by-step. That said, we don’t recommend that you use this method for a High quality Replica Rolex Wathces online.

For something like a Rolex, we suggest you remove the crystal and soak it in acetone until the cyclops comes off (1-2 days). The crystal can then be reinstalled. But this should be done under the guidance of a watchmaker or Best Fake Rolex Watches repair professional. Avoid the “chisel-and-tap” method which is sometimes promoted as a quick, cheap alternative.

A final note of caution: none of these cyclops removal techniques are for the faint of heart so proceed carefully.