When Glashütte Original introduced the Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic replica Collection, five models with absolutely striking dials that were inspired by the psychedelic period of the 60’s, as they were highly limited, they were flying off the shelves of Glashütte Original boutiques and the few retailers that would have it.

Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic Square replica watch

Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic Square replica watch

Now, Glashütte Original is following up on the same concept, introducing the Sixties Iconic Square Collection, five chronographs with cushion-shaped square cases, again featuring stunning colours, just like the previous Sixties Iconic watches.

The five models are the Sixties Iconic Forest, mens Glashutte Sixties Iconic Ocean copy watch, Sixties Iconic Graphite, Sixties Iconic Tangerine and Sixties Iconic Fire and they are all powered by the automatic Calibre 39-34, the same high-end movement that is also used in other Sixties Chronograph watches.

Sixties Iconic, because it was in 1964, a period when designers were not afraid of using bright colours that in the East German town of Glashütte, watchmakers designed, developed and launched the Spezimatic that became the most emblematic watch collections made in Glashütte for the next decade and so.

This way, when Glashütte Original decided to launch the Iconic Sixties collection, they could just go back to the archives in Pforzheim and find the exact colours that were employed 50 years ago.These exceptional dials are the work of the Glashütte Original’s own dial manfucatury in Pforzheim. What is quite interesting is that back in the sixties, when watchmaking in Glashütte had to deal with economic and political challenges under the Socialist regime, they already developed a business relationship with this dial manufactury in Pforzheim and many of the Spezimatic models had their dials coming from there.

The dégradé effect that makes each watch unique, comes from the final step when black lacquer is applied using a special spray gun. The unusual colour of the Tangerine dial results from an additional lacquer colour: The initial galvanic coating in gold is not only combined with a layer of black, but also red lacquer.The way these dials are obtained is by giving them a galvanic base coat, followed by layers of coloured lacquer added by hand, resulting in a shimmering green (Sixties Iconic Forest), deep blue (Sixties Iconic Ocean), dark grey (Sixties Iconic Graphite) or intense, glowing red (Sixties Iconic Fire).

The fifth model, the grey Graphite features and elaborate imprint obtained in an interesting manner.The lacquered dials are then fired in an oven to burn in the colours. Four of the five models are also featuring a refined sunburst finish, which enhances the dégradé effect.  Prior to galvanic nickel plating, the dial blank is imprinted, with the help of a 60-tonne press, with the intricate filigree pattern of a guilloche stamp. Known as “dies”, stamps such as these, held in the archives of the best fake Glashütte Original dial manufactory, are a further example of extreme authenticity.