Choose The Cheap Classic Dietrich OT-1 Watch Replica For Men

Emmanuel Dietrich, a well-known designer in the Classic Dietrich OT-1 Watch Replica sector, decided to create a timepiece in keeping with his own vision of watchmaking a little under 5 years ago.

Dietrich has delved deeper into technique with new bezels for his watches made of forged carbon injected with colour on some models. Carbon is sturdy and lighter than steel, has graphic yet anarchic surfaces and looks fluid and velvety. O.Time sees Dietrich use “pure” carbon, mixed with a colourful resin (red on the OT-2, blue on the OT-4, orange on the OT-6) or a phosphorescent hue just like the OT-1 Carbon Luminescent whose bezel is glows with green Super-LumiNova.  He sees best Dietrich OT-1 copy watches as vital organs that are part of the human body and lo, the O.Time collection was born with its own spin on natural beauty. Branches, leaves, star and sun flock onto the dial to display key time functions and form the “organic companions” dear to Emmanuel Dietrich.

dietrich ot-1 carbon superluminova

The large 48x46mm steel and black PVD case houses a self-winding movement by Miyota. The dial’s four layers create a sort of 3D landscape reigned over by two colourful leaf-shape hands tracking the hours and minutes. A star at 5 features the small seconds counter whilst a black lace sun at 9 bears the 24-hour display.

The new O.Time models come with easily-interchangeable straps thanks to the lugs incorporated into the case through which you can slip the velvety nubuck leather or karung snakeskin strap.

There’s a wide range of straps (leather, leather with carbon or tweed inserts, nylon or rubber) available on the Dietrich replica watch website.