Replica Breitling Introduces Emergency II for Thrill Seekers and Those that Wish They Were

Breitling Emergency II Watch

Breitling’s big splash at Baselworld this year comes in the form of the Emergency II watch, the ultimate wrist-worn global distress beacon. The Swiss-made Breitling replica watch features both analog and digital transmitters capable of broadcasting your location up to 90 miles away and 20,000 feet high. If you were stranded somewhere on land or water, you simply twist off the cap of the transmitter and pull out the antennae. Immediately a distress signal is sent out that alternates between the analog and digital frequencies. The best fake Breitling Emergency II watches offers three dial colors: black, yellow, and orange (not pictured above); and two straps: rubber or titanium.

The timepiece, which Breitling says

The Breitling Emergency II copy watch has presence and is housed in a clock-like 51mm diameter titanium case. The movement is powered by the chronometer-certified Breitling Caliber 76 quartz and includes a range of functions, such as a chronograph, a 2nd timezone, and a multilingual calendar.

took five years to develop, will retail for $15,000 USD.

For a closer look, check out the official brand video below.