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Armin Strom Tourbillon Water ATC11

The Gumball 3000, because it’s known, started life on British shores, but has become a really global event, with the course changing every year to keep things interesting. The rally, which has not avoided controversy because its foundation in 1999, is popular with wealthy and celebrities civilians, all of whom drive the car of their choice on the public street course in pursuit of glory and/or the excursion of a lifetime. How then, will a project that intends to inject some of the Gumball Rally’s characteristic chaos into the new fare?When I heard about the triple-header release, I didn’t have a clue what to expect. The Gumball Rally seemed a really “out there” choice of collaboration for such a strait-laced brand, but one that I was looking forward to seeing. I kind of expected that Armin Strom Skeleton Watches Replica would go down the wacky Swatch course and totally trick out these timepieces with bold, goofy images and eye-popping fonts instead of the (understandably) more restrained approaches of brands like Omega with all the America’s Cup Watch or Tag Heuer with the Formula One bits. What resulted was something in between that could either strike the ideal balance or leave you feeling a bit flat.The difficulty with pulling off a celebratory collection in this way is getting enough occasion branding into the piece without it getting a grotesque billboard. With this group, Armin Strom have managed to integrate the Gumball 3000 script logo into the design, but does it work? Do these watches have enough Gumball to send the ideal message, or does the labelling jar too much with its fancy frame? Let’s take a peek at the set, piece by piece to learn.

Armin Strom, we already knew him because of his magnificent engraving and skeleton work on some OMEGA watches in the past. Aside his work for other watch companies, Armin Strom has been a watch manufacturer for decades. The Armin Strom collection of watches is simply stunning. Ever since we visited them during BaselWorld 2010, we know that it is not only about decoration and engraving, but about fine watchmaking in all aspects.

The design of the watches is very modern, but as you are able to see the perfectly finished movement through the skeleton dials, it also shows their pure love for fine watchmaking. Armin Strom’s collection of watches, based on Air, Water, Fire and Earth, now also features a complete Tourbillon collection.

Armin Strom Tourbillon Water ATC11

The Armin Strom Tourbillon Water (reference ST13-TW.50) features the ATC11 caliber movement which has been designed and developed in-house in Biel, at Armin Strom AG. This handwound movement consists of 184 parts and has double spring barrels and a 10-day power reserve. The time is indicated decentralized as you can see.

Like all other Armin Strom watches (except for some models from their Racing collection), parts of the beautifully decorated movement can be admired through the skeletonised dial. The signature of the brand. We’ve found a video of Armin Strom’s work on movement decoration and skeletonising, as you can see below.

We will make sure to cover Armin Strom’s latest work when we are in BaselWorld this year. In the meanwhile, more information can be found here:

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