Armin Strom Racing Tourbillon – Marussia F1 Team Replica Wholesale

The zany script logo provides the background to the moving minutes hand. I really don’t adore this dialup, but I think it looks a lot better on the wrist than on macro photography. The bare metal which shows through the skeletonized dial flashes attractively in real life; in images it looks a bit gray and lifeless against the PVD coated stainless steel case. This one, despite being very scaled back, is much more wearable. Because of this, it might appeal to Gumball memorabilia collectors over its two big brothers.Talking of size, all three watches quantify 43.4mm across and 13mm thick, and they are water resistant to 50 meters. They also sport somewhat angular, fluted crowns. These days, 43.4mm isn’t the biggest thing you’ll see on the end of an individual’s arm, but it’s a large chunk of metal. I have always thought that angling the twisting button in this manner is a clever, mobility-increasing transfer. If you own a watch like this, you might well need it to be noticed, but that does not mean that you wish to always notice its presence yourself!If watch number one was overly subdued for you, the level of ostentation is ramped up using all the Armin Strom Double Barrel Gumball 3000. This is my favorite of this trio. The dual barrel attribute kicks out a 10-day power book, meaning this is certainly a opinion you can rely on for long car journeys! The movement is again visible through the off-centre cutaway dial, but in this scenario, we can observe a few more functional elements peeping through. The large, circularly grained wheels grab the light excellently and breathe a great deal of life within this watch face.

Made From Original F1 Car Parts

The independent watch manufacturer from Biel, Armin Strom, is the official time keeping partner of the Marussia F1 Team. The bridges of the movement are crafted out of components from an original Marussia F1 car. As always, the Armin Strom Mens Watches Replica watch has been skeletonised and hand engraved. This exclusive two-piece only Armin Strom Racing Tourbillon watch is the 6th model in their Racing Collection.

Armin Strom Racing Tourbillon TI13-TR.90

As you can read and see before (in this article), the Armin Strom brand has a long history in wonderful skeletonised and engraved timepieces. Founder Armin Strom was already contracted by some famous brands before starting his own watch collection. The Armin Strom collection is a successful range of hand-engraved and skeletonised watches. Watches with a great design without become a watch that is classic of to formal due to the skeleton work.

The Racing Tourbillon has an in-house developed and manufactured tourbillon movement which Armin Strom refers to as caliber ATC11-MR. The alloy parts from one of the official Marussia F1 cars have been used for the bridges in this movemement and are fully skeletonised.

To commemorate the fact that Armin Strom is the official timing partner of the Marussia F1 Team for the 3rd season in a row, they introduce this Racing Tourbillon reference TI13-TR.90 timepiece. The titanium case has received a black PVD treatment for a sporty appearance and the Marussia F1 Team colors have been applied to the aluminium allow bridges made from original F1 car parts and to the beautiful and comfortable leather strap. Limited to 2 pieces only.

Armin Strom’s Racing Tourbillon watch has a 43.4mm diameter and a 13.3mm height. Besides the alligator strap with double folding clasp, you will also get a rubber strap for this watch.

Make sure to visit the official Armin Strom website to see more of their impressive collection.