Armin Strom BaselWorld 2017 novelties will be designed: by you. Replica For Sale

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Though the Armin Strom Skeleton Pure watches also have skeletonized movements and hand-engraving, the results are somewhat more modern and less “cosmetic,” with no complex patterns and textures found on the surfaces of the motion. “Actual” in this instance refers to the ease of the plan and the way Armin Strom was able to cut down the ARM09 motion to its bare minimum. In reality, they assessed the motion at the Armin Strom Skeleton Pure watches into the ARM09-S (“s” for skeleton) because of its minimalized look in feel.The surfaces of the movement bridges have been brushed while the edges are beveled making for a fine, albeit much simpler look when compared with the effect we saw on the Armin Strom One Week Skeleton. The One Week Skeleton is part of a more limited edition (of just 50 pieces) with all the patterns and fine details, while the Armin Strom Skeleton Pure is available as two limited editions of 100 pieces, with the identical style of movement skeletonization but without the decorative features – though there is still a lot of hand polishing.

Armin Strom made a bold move and did not bring any new watches to BaselWord 2017. Nothing.

Armin Strom BaselWorld 2017

When we visited them the only watch they could shows us was something we already saw months ago during SalonQP in London. That was the Mirrored Force Resonance Fire, an out of this world timepiece from the Biel manufacturer. You should not worry though, Armin Strom is doing fine. They just made a bold move and offer something not many brands have done before. Armin Strom’s latest watches will be the creations of you, dear reader. There is more. If your creation wins, Armin Strom will make the watch for you (given that it’s below 15,000 CHF). All you need to do is to share your design online.

armin strom

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance Fire

The idea

Instead of designing a new line for this year’s fair they deiced to offer something else to the watch loving community; An opportunity to customize your watch. However you can design your watch down to the smallest details. Something no haute horlogerie brand has done before. I mean of course for the right price every watch manufacturer will make a custom piece for you. However that is time and money consuming. Armin Strom wanted to make this journey for the customer easier. So they created the Armin Strom Watch Configurator. It is a simple and easy way for anyone to create a unique watch down to the smallest detail.

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Custom made Armin Strom front…

armin strom

…and back

The Process

The method is simple, visit the configurator website and choose your base model. On the new page you find the different components the watch of your selection builds up from. Parts like the dial, the case the strap but also the base plate, the ratchet wheel or the bridges you can select from the various options the brand offers. Once you did the design you can even add your initials to the ‘lip’ at 6 o’clock to make the creation even more custom. Once your design is ready you can share it on your social media platforms and don’t forget to add the hash tag#designarminstrom. The lucky winner receives a credit of 15,000 CHF that he or she can use towards the payment of the watch.

armin strom

Take your pick

armin strom

Visit Armin Strom’s website and look for the „configurator“. Make your dream watch and share the result. We hope you win!

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