To be honest, I wish I bought Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project copy watch at the time, because these will become sought-after in the future I predict.

Introduced in 2008 and limited to 1970 pieces only. White dial Speedmaster watches do well and this one has those funky hands and comes in a very special package to commemorate that Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project II replica watch from 1970.

Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project replica

Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project replica

I have to say that these comments are mainly coming from colleague journalists and I really don’t care too much about what they think, but more so about what our readers think, that’s the only thing that matters in the end. In any case, we are not stopping Speedy Tuesday and hope to continue in 2016 with some more great Speedmaster coverage. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the vintage Speedmaster prices in the market after the Christie’s auction of a few weeks ago, whether it will have impact, or not.

It is at some times that I worry that I am being condemned for being a Speedmaster-only guy or that Omega is paying us to do this. I can honestly tell you that Speedy Tuesday is our own little show without any financial compensation from Omega. Speedy Tuesday started because of my personal interest and love for the Speedmaster watch, nothing more, nothing less. One might say it is not done for a journalist to have an outspoken interest in a certain brand or watch, but in the end it is our own show here and we are still being able to stay critical towards Omega and what they are doing to their Omega Speedmaster replica collection.

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